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  Our motel history began in 1989 when Kryoneri started becoming a famous travel destination for Greeks and Europeans. Mourkos family started building the facilities in the middle 80's and completed it in 1989 and has since established its long and successful presence in the Greek tourism industry. An entire new two wing motel became a reality and one of the first motels was built in Kryoneri.
  Mourkos Rent Rooms due to the high service quality, the passion for work, the friendly atmosphere and the Greek sense of hospitality was rapidly evolved in a famous motel in the entire region of western Greece. The clientele has remained intact and new people keep visiting us every year. Our clients range from lonely travelers and couples with kids to entire families and company stuff. The entire facility was built between the mountain of Varassova and the sea which makes the view, from the balconies, amazing! The company’s aim is to remain loyal to the Greek traditional concept of hospitality and in parallel expand its operations by constantly improving the services it offers.
   Leaving behind Antirio and ascending toward the beautiful Messolonghi we are located on 4,000 sq. metres full of trees and gardens. Mourkos Rent Rooms are located in Kryoneri, in the regional unit of Etoloakarnania, half an hour (28 Km) west of Rio-Antirio bridge and two and a half hours (236km) west of Athens. Ideal place for those looking to escape to a quiet and cozy natural observatory, located just a few minutes from the center of the picturesque city of Messolonghi and Nafpaktos.
  With respect to the surrounding natural wonders we have built a complex of buildings homes ready to offer you comfort and hospitality. Mourkos Rent Rooms is proud to be family owned and operated; let us know what will make your stay special and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.
  The houses have a panoramic view of mountain of Varassova, Patraikos gulf, each rooms has a unique character and colour. All units offer a fully equipped kitchen, luxury handmade furniture with white and grey marble and a balcony with great view. All rooms are air conditioned for the warm months of the summer and the winter. We look forward to seeing you soon!

"Kryneri Tavern" is a traditional tavern at Kryoneri. Krioneri with its picturesque harbor located in the southern part of the county, almost opposite of city of Patras, on the shore of the bay Kalydona and foothills of Mount Barasova. Impressive is the beauty of these towering rocks that are perfect for climbing.
If you continue east, you can enjoy the cold and crystal clear waters of the glyphs and if you pass the stone bridge, you will find yourself beneath the cliffs of Varasova and climbing routes, and the path of Glyfas.At the small port of Kryoneriou moor boats and yachts. In Kryoneri, a unique place where you can drink and eat fresh fish and meet is the "Kryineri Tavern". It is one of the oldest taverns, with simple decor and simple Greek cuisine, offers numerous clients, both Greek and foreign, a place of fish culinary delights, local fish and delicious snacks. The owners of the "Kryoneri Tavern" are friendly and willing to serve the most demanding. Such is the quality and excellent service, you could call it the "kingdom" of fish-enjoyment.
In the "Kryoneri Tavern" you will find fresh fish regardless of the season, caught from out boats. You may also find appetizers from traditional Greek cuisine. For main course you can choose something from the variety of fresh fish and seafood depending on the season, grilled and boiled or fried
Specialties of the pedal mullet and shrimp "saganaki".  At the end of the meal our people will offer you homemade sweets and fruit salads with fruits.
Accompany your dishes with nice greek bootled wine, choosing among many Greek labels. Leaving the "Kryoneri Tavern" you will take with you a view of Varasova mountain, Gulf of Patras, but above all a taste brought directly from the sea.

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