Welcome to our farm!

The organic farm Balomenos Rooms is located by a beautiful beach of Patraikos Gulf, at the ned of the coastial fishing settlement of Kryoneri, between the imposing mountain Varasova and the estuary of river Evinos, at the boundaries of the National Natural Park of Mesolonghi.
it's distance from Mesolonghi and Nafpaktos is 8km and 33km respectively.

Aromatic plants and all kinds of fruit and vegetables are grown in the farm using environmentally friendly methods. Of course, a number of animals are also bred in the farm so that there are enough eggs, milk and meat. Local species of geese, ducks, chicken, peacocks, goats, sheep, pigs, cows co-exist harmoniously in suitable stables.

For you to have a pleasant stay, we have dreamt and created something unique, having our imagination and heart move our hands, taking the visitor's uniqueness & quality into consideration. We built beautiful detached houses, where harmony of the local architecture meets modern comfort.

The houses have their own private garden, where we have taken special care to grow all seasonal fruit & vegetables as well as to leave more than enough space for our little visitors to play.

All houses have an unlimited view to the endless blue of Patraikos Gulf. And "endless blue" is not only beautiful as an image. What is even better is that, once you come out of the farm, you can actually dive in the cool waters of Patraikos Gulf.

To support you during your stay, a small multi-use building has been built, in which there are rooms for meetings of small groups, visitor training as well as a store where you can see & buy local organic products, such as seasonal fruit & vegetables, oil, olives, wives, cheeses, sweets, marmalades, aromatic plants, essential oils etc.

Prisma Beach Bar Restaurant is the first choice in the enjoyment and relaxation on the beach of Kryoneri. Nestled in the heart of the Kryoneri beach satisfies the most sophisticated guests ...

Start your day at the beach from 10am, including smoothies, fresh juices, green tea and aromatic coffee and clubsandwich and crepes. For those with bigger appetites, lunch is served from 13:00 to distinctly Greek influences.

Overlooking the azure waters of the Patraikos gulf is really impossible to resist give it a try. Take your lunch at your deckchair and enjoy the unique café Mollinari accompanied by a sweet desert!

Plis Rent Rooms

Our hostel is located at the beautiful Kryoneri, which was renovated to be able to host friends, vacationers and nature lovers. For those who wish to inflict on climbing, mountaineering and flights there is Varassova mountain imposing the area. The archaeological site of ancient Calydon, perhaps the oldest city in Aetolia connected with Greek mythology.

Kryoneri distance Messolonghi 15 Km. There are some important visitable places like Mesolongiou folklore museum, home of the poet Kostis Palamas and the Garden of Heroes, a ride that will thrill you, walking among the heroes of the Greek War of Liberation in 1821.

General Information - Services

Our hostel is located just 300 meters from the Kryoneri beach. The cold(Kryoneri) renewable and clean waters of the sea creating an outstanding underwater biodiversity. The fish taverns will convince you with the above for the taste of fresh fish in the area.

The lobby is comfortable and welcoming. The breakfast is made from local products and our will to deliver you a pleasant nad relaxing stay.

The guest house consists of six rooms, up to double and quadruple, decorated with great care. All rooms have double beds, private bathroom and free wireless internet access. The exterior is great for parking of vehicles, full of shady green flowers and trees beneath which you can relax.

Come in a hospitable environment simplicity and low prices in a region ready to embrace you and surprise you. We expect to spend unforgettable moments!

Info: tel (+30) 2631300721 ​​mob (+30) 6973329307 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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