Philoxenia Hotel

Project Name: Philoxenia Hotel

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Come enjoy your vacation with us, in a warm environment with fast and good service and very reasonable prices. The fantastic view of the sea, the ferocity of mountain, the splendid sunset with the alternations of landscape, is our special hospitality. Enjoy the "rise" of the moon from the ridge of Varasova illuminated by the moon, especially the nights of the full moon or August moon. A destination where you are entertained all year round.
In taverns you can enjoy, under the moonlight, traditional food and in the quiet nightly clubs the cocktails with the waves breaking nearby you. If you want amusement and happenings you can them find here. Nature-goers can find a small paradise here and lovers of sports the destination that they have always searched for offering to you the unique experience of trekking, mountaineering and climbing levels of graded difficulty (only 50m from the location) and also paragliding. On the river Evino you can do canoe and kayak, as well as therapeutical baths in the lagoon. And for the lovers of excursions can visit archaeological places, and our local facilities help you to organise many one-day tours. Our area is one of the most popular places for hunting and fishing in Greece as we have large variety of game and fish.

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