Captain Del Mare Restaurant - Tavern

Project Name: Captain Del Mare Restaurant - Tavern

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Project Description & Details

     In the beautiful Kryoneri, under the imposing rock of Varassova near the harbor and just 5 km from the highway Messolongi -Antirio you will find the fish tavern - restaurant Captain Del Mare.
    The owners George and Chris Paganias care about you by serving fresh fish and other dishes. The fast service, the well prepared food, the owners’ hospitality and the reasonable prices will make you enjoy more your visit to our restaurant and our village. The restaurant of Captain Del Mare has been built and developed entirely by the owners themselves, in order to be as pleasant as possible in order to enjoy your meal during your stay.
    From here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets while eating or drinking coffee. During the summer, the exterior venue and the roof of Captain Del Mare will offer you the most romantic full moon in a quiet environment listening good music. The view of Varassova Mountain reflects on the surface of the sea.
    The travel by boat from the Varassova Mountain to Central Basilica is attractive because in many places there are bays where you can swim in crystal clear waters and leave in anonymity. If you like the tour, 15 minutes from Kryoneri is Messolonghi, the capital of the county, known for its history and its heroes of 1826 against the Turkish army.
    From here you can visit almost half of Greece, as Kryoneri is located near Messolonghi, Nafpaktos, Lefkada, as well as an hour from Delphi, the most important archaeological site of Western Greece. Kryoneri is located not more than 1 hour from the port of Patras, the largest European door from Greece to Europe via Italy.



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